Olivia Trimble has a proven track record of providing for her community of Fayetteville, Arkansas through arts and activism. Her dedication and love for Fayetteville have inspired her to run for City Council Ward 1, Position 1. She is an artist, a tradeswoman, a small business owner, a wife, and a mother to two daughters. 

Olivia has deep roots in Ward 1. She lived most of her life near Cato Springs Road in South Fayetteville.  Like her mother before her, Olivia, with her husband Jon, is raising her children in that same neighborhood. Olivia's father and grandfather were contractors and fabricators and her stepfather has been a local sign painter since 1993, so she grew up appreciating the value and dignity of hard work and a living wage. The working people of Ward 1 make Fayetteville the great city it is and deserve to be represented in local government. 

Olivia has spent the past several years putting her mark on the city she loves and working hard to improve her community. Her murals can be found all over Fayetteville, from the Experience Fayetteville building on the Fayetteville Square to The Uptown Quilt on Steele Boulevard. Shortly after the 2016 election, she created the Repaint Hate initiative to repaint over racial slurs that had been tagged near the Fayetteville Public Library. This initiative brought together a network of activists and artists to cover up hateful graffiti across the country. She has worked as an activist for NOW, Planned Parenthood and is currently on the board of Community Health Clinic. In January of 2018, Olivia organized the Women's March in Fayetteville, the largest political rally the city has ever seen. She has given a TED Talk and Pechu Kucha presentation about her art and activism. Crystal Bridges Museum invited her to showcase her work as part of the American Made exhibition. 

Olivia believes in strengthening communities by getting to know and working with neighbors to find common ground. Sharing our ideas and talking about our lives and dreams is vital in keeping our community strong. She understands that extra care must be taken to preserve what makes our neighborhoods great and distinct while our city undergoes rapid development. Progress can be managed to improve Ward 1 for everyone. Olivia's campaign is focused on keeping Fayetteville strong and allowing those who live in Ward 1 to thrive in their community. Help us bring the perspective of a working-class artist, mother, and activist to the Fayetteville City Council.